Explore the Benefits of Suboxone® Treatment

Suboxone® Treatment

At The Infinity Center-Frankfort in Frankfort, KY, Suboxone® treatment is specifically designed to help individuals struggling with opioid addiction. Suboxone®, a medication combining buprenorphine and naloxone, is used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, making the recovery process more manageable. Our experienced medical team tailors the Suboxone® treatment plan to meet our client’s unique needs, ensuring the best possible outcomes and supporting their journey to lasting sobriety.

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Understanding Suboxone® Treatment

Suboxone® treatment involves the use of Suboxone®, a prescription medication that helps manage opioid dependency. By alleviating withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings, Suboxone® enables individuals to focus on their recovery journey without the intense discomfort often associated with opioid withdrawal.

About Suboxone® Treatment

Suboxone® combines two active ingredients: buprenorphine, which helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and naloxone, which helps prevent misuse. Together, these components stabilize brain chemistry, reduce the risk of relapse, and support recovery.

Advantages of Suboxone® Treatment

Choosing Suboxone® treatment at The Infinity Center-Frankfort offers several advantages:

Our MAT program reduces the physical discomfort of opioid withdrawal, making the initial stages of recovery more manageable.

Medication-assisted treatment helps manage cravings associated with opioids, making it easier to stay committed to you or your loved ones’ recovery journey.

MAT supports mental and emotional stability during recovery, allowing you or your loved ones to focus on healing and growth.

By reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, MAT allows individuals to concentrate on therapy and personal growth during their recovery.

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Our Approach to Suboxone® Treatment

At The Infinity Center-Frankfort, we believe in providing holistic care. Our approach to Suboxone® treatment includes:

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We conduct thorough medical evaluations to determine the appropriate medication dosage for you or your loved ones’ needs.

Our program is designed for your or your loved ones’ ongoing success, with regular check-ins to ensure MAT treatment remains effective and can be adjusted as needed.

We offer individual and group therapy sessions to address the psychological aspects of addiction, helping you or your loved ones heal and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

We provide comprehensive educational resources and guidance to help understand treatment plans and navigate the recovery process with confidence and clarity.

Achieving Long-Term Recovery With Suboxone® Treatment

Our Suboxone® treatment interventions focus on long-term recovery by combining medical support with counseling and community resources. We are committed to helping our clients build a healthier future by addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Discover how Suboxone® treatment can support you or your loved ones’ journey to lasting sobriety.

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